Blue Mountains Lodge


65 Rongahere Road, Beaumont 9591

The lodge is located about one minute drive south from the Beaumont Bridge. It is on the left with the metal gate and cabbage tree.


  • Elio’s Gun Shop – 219 King Edward Street, South Dunedin. Ph 455 5783 Keys – Hut 2/ Complex, Hut 6/ Complex, Bunkroom/ Complex.
  • Allan Millars Hunting and Fishing – 141 Crawford Street. Ph 477 6665 Keys – Hut 3/ Complex, Hut 5/ Complex, Bunkroom/ Complex.
  • Gun City Dunedin – 96 Cumberland St, Dunedin, 9016 Ph 03-425 7898 Keys – Hut 1/ Complex, Hut 4/ Complex, Bunkroom/ Complex.
  • Central Otago Key Holder – Tony Alexander. Ph 027 447 9398 Keys – Bunkroom/ Complex


  • LODGE – Log Burner with a Wet Back, Zip, 2x electric Ranges, 2x refrigerators, 2x Microwave Ovens. 2x Showers, 2x Toilets (1 accessible from outside only), dining and lounge facilities, TV, DVD and Freeview
  • BUNKROOM – Electric lights and Plugs. 16 Beds.
  • HUTS (x6) – Electric lights and plug. 2 beds per hut.
  • EXTERNAL – Walk in Meat safe. 4x Dog Kennels.


Fees quoted are per night. (All children under 16 years free).

  • Otago Branch Members $10
  • Other NZDA Members $15
  • Non NZDA Members (Must be accompanied by a NZDA member) $20

Up to a maximum of three non-members without committee approval. Otago Branch Members family (two adults and two children) only available over closed hunting season (1 st Dec to 31 st Jan) - $25/night. Each extra adult $10/night


Members and their families are encouraged to make use of the facilities during the closed hunting period (01 December – 31 January). A cost of $25 per family/night, of two adults and two children, any extra guests will be charged $5/night.


Members will be required to show their membership cards when collecting keys and must provide the names and membership numbers of ALL members in the party.

All party names, membership numbers and contact phone numbers will be recorded in the booking register.

Hut and complex bookings made for the roar period (April) must be paid for at the time of booking. The fees are non-refundable.


One key fits all locks except individual huts.


Keys must be returned within 48hrs (within 24hrs during April) from the last day booked.