Trophy Competition

Otago N.Z.D.A. holds an annual Trophy Competition for Members:

Trophies are awarded in the following catagories:

  • McCarthy Cup - Red Deer Antlers
  • Garry Pullar Trophy - Whitetail Deer Antlers
  • Otago Branch Trophy - Other Deer Species not already covered
  • Allan Miller Trophy - Tahr Horns
  • Alexto Cup - Fallow Deer Antlers
  • George Hewitt Cup - Chamois Horns
  • T. L.Begg and Sons Rose Bowl - Drawn Boar Tusks
  • Elio Chiminello Cup - Goat Horns
  • George Mills Trophy - Undrawn Boar Tusks
  • Terry Arthur Cup - Wild Sheep Horns
  • Granger Spiky Cup - Best Entry taken by a Junior
  • Best Boar
  • Best Head - Antlered Species
  • Capri Motors Trophy - Heaviest Boar
  • Best Head - Horned Species
  • Liquorland Trophy - Heaviest Sow
  • Martin and Eleanor Marshall Memorial Trophy - Best Fallow Head taken by a Member of: Otago, South Otago, Palmerston, Blue Mountains Branch’s taken from the Blue Mountains Herd
  • Ray Webb Cup - Best Head taken by a Female

Photo Competition

  1. Bob Hogan Cup - Best Photograph i.e. hunting interest,scenic, wildlife, etc (print, slide or digital)
  2. Kevin Weir Cup - Best Live Game Animal (print, slide or digital)
  3. Keith Knox Memorial Trophy - Best Human Interest i.e. a dominant human presence/activity (print, slide or digital)
  4. Judith Stanbridge Cup - Best Video or DVD

Photos to be taken in the year ending 31st May.